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Woman with Long Eyelashes

The Founder

Meet Joan Kim

Lash Looks, LLC is one of the best lash artistry salons in the Chicago area and was established in 2012. Joan became a Certified Xtreme Lashes Technician in 2006 and a Certified Russian Volume Technician in 2014. She is also a licensed esthetician from Pivot Point and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While working at leading lash salons, Joan honed her lash application skills. She has rightfully developed a reputation as one of Chicago's top lash artists.

Joan loves custom-designing lashes to accentuate one's natural beauty and she finds that the most rewarding part of her work is seeing the increased confidence her clients exude after a session with her.

She believes that anybody can learn how to apply eyelash extensions, but it takes a certain skill to apply them with the patience and precision that Joan provides for her clients. "For me, the application of eyelash extensions is a work of art - it's not just putting fake lashes on someone. I view each set as a unique creation."


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